I need a better carpet cleaner

My son Toby recently graduated from college.

I was so proud of his accomplishment and I decided to throw a big graduation party for him. I invited 50 friends and family members to attend the celebration at my house. I cleaned the pool and mowed the backyard. I ordered steaks from the butcher and got tons of beer for the event. At the last minute I decided to have the carpets in the home professionally cleaned before the party. The carpet looked gross and dirty. I had been living in the home for 3 years and I had never bothered to have a professional come and steam clean the carpet. I found a cheap carpet cleaning service online. They were willing to clean each room’s carpet for $15 each. I was happy to find such a great and affordable carpet cleaning corporation. I am glad that I ended up not having to pay them very much.The carpet cleaning serviceman was only in each room for a few minutes. It looked like she barely touched the floor with water. Even though I could see lines in the carpet, there were still several spots where there was visible dirt in the fibers. I was terribly unsatisfied with the carpet cleaning service and I called the corporation to complain. They swiftly informed me that I did not pay for a deep clean service, which would have been much more pricey. They did not offer to refund. So now I need to find a better carpet cleaner.



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