I need to call an HVAC company to come and repair my air conditioning system

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been experiencing a pretty bad heat wave in the area where we live.

Usually, the temperature around here doesn’t get above 75 degrees or so, so we have a pretty nice climate for most of the year.

However, this summer is proving to be a hot one! The temperature got into the high nineties last week, and that’s when I realized that my old, worn out air conditioning system just isn’t going to cut it for me anymore. I’ve been trying to wait and suffer through the semi-cold A/C that’s been coming through my air vents over the last year or so, but now I think this heat wave has finally changed my mind. I can deal with temperatures in the 80s if I just have a little bit of A/C and some ceiling fans, but when you get into the 90s, that’s just too hot for me to handle. Tomorrow I’m going to call our local heating and cooling company and ask them to send an A/C technician out to give me a quote on a new, high efficiency A/C unit. I’m thinking of trying a new kind of air conditioning, since the brand that I have now hasn’t lasted for even five years and it’s already putting out mediocre cooling. I will ask the HVAC technician the brand of A/C that he recommends and I’ll probably get one ordered. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the new A/C unit installed soon, especially if this heat wave keeps up.



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