I need to capitalize on other pods

I recently joined a podcast network specialized for my area.

I truthfully had no plan to join, and never knew there were so numerous people who had their own podcasts running around here, however it is nice to “talk shop” with locals about our shared interest.

My podcast is mostly animal related, with a lot of movie reviews as well as some original pet stories from listeners, as well. It’s been a while, however I’m definitely starting to build a listenership, as well as this group can only probably help myself and others grow even more! None of the other shows are generally anything like mine, so there is no direct competition. I am not sure how exactly how to do this, but I want to join up with the Heating as well as A/C repair guy who hosts a call-in show. Then, I can focus on promoting myself as a personality through his audience. I want to be friendly, so I could certainly do that on the Heating as well as A/C podcast that he runs. The guy who does the show uses it for promotion for his own little mobile Heating as well as A/C repair service, which will come perform repairs on residences, businesses, or even vehicles. I certainly believe he needs help with the show, because his piece of proficiency is heating as well as cooling systems, not podcast promotion or production. Maybe I should see if he wants me to host his show with him, so I could try to handle the heavy lifting of hosting the producing, as well as he can more readily focus on answering Heating as well as A/C questions that are regularly submitted.

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