I need to find an air purifier for my house

A lot of my friends plus family members think I’m crazy for buying an air purifier.

I know the prices are skyrocketing plus maybe I worry too much, but I’m anxious about the safety of my loved ones.

A media air cleaner seems like the best thing to do right now. I already looked up a contractor that specializes in ventilation equipment plus air filtration. This contractor is flaunted in the newspaper plus the place has the best reviews on every website I read. They’re sending a single contractor to my house tomorrow so they can provide me with an estimate on the cost for labor plus upgrade fees. I did a lot of research plus I understand the average cost to have the job completed. I evaluated the single room media cleaners plus air filtration units for my entire house. I also contacted a few contractors nearby to get additional estimates. I will have the contractors come over plus then I can contact all of the other contractors plus receive their price for the same job. It is always a great idea to find numerous estimates when you want stuff done in your house. My friends and family are convinced that the ill people are a hoax plus this virus is a political conspiracy. I understand that math does not lie plus that concerns my family. I hope that most people are wearing masks, washing their hands, plus being safe. Right now is the best time to keep your distance from bars, restaurants, plus other stadiums where various people gather.