I need to purchase a better heating system

Over the last couple years, our partner had constantly been doing labor to our heating system.

When all of us first had it installed, it was just doing the maintenance once a year plus decreasing the air filters daily. Last year, all of us had to have the HVAC professional come in because it needed a new igniter. This year, they had to change out something that helped the fuel to get to the starter. Now all of us need some other component that works with the motor. I think undoubtedly little about the heating system, other than it has a lot of expletives for the parts. I also think that furnaces are cursed plus if you have to maintenance 1 thing, you may as well save the currency for a new heating system. My partner said that is how things go with any appliance plus he put the heating system in with the appliances. Once the warranty is up, you can be guaranteed that the appliance, or heating system in this case, will need to be removed plus updated within a year. He almost gloated that he was right when all of us called the HVAC company for the second time, plus he told us all of us needed a new heating system. I’m not even going to offer to help him choose the new heating unit. I’m sure that he will option the heating system that all of us need to keep us comfortable, plus after that all of us won’t be blamed if it isn’t what he wanted. I did tell the HVAC tech that I wanted good efficiencies plus I wanted him to lean on our partner about getting a boiler so I could have radiant heating in our washroom.

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