I needed my hammer to do a little repair on the HVAC machine

I recently moved into a lake residence that I bought… And let me tell you it was pretty hard on me doing this sizable move.

When I bought the home I knew there were things that had to be done in terms of renovations and such.

But what I didn’t actually realize was that the air vents to the central heating and cooling machine were a little bit out of whack, but it was a simple repair though. I would just need to take my hammer and use the flip side of it to bend the air vents of the central heating and cooling machine back into place and all would be great. But wait, I noticed that I don’t even know where my hammer is! It is packed away in some box out of a bunch of them that are here! And it was so warm out, so I needed my central cooling machine to be actually working with the perfect air flow from all air vents. Having to think for a few hours, I needed to improvise something to be able to bend these air vents back into place without my hammer. I wish I would have known about this setback so I could have kept my hammer available! I would not have packed it away so speedily. I then thought to go introduce myself to my neighbors. When I did, I asked them if I would be able to borrow a hammer real quick. They were happy to oblige and I was finally able to bend the air vents of the central heating and cooling machine into place!


a/c worker