I needed to do this

The air quality in my home has been pretty bad lately.

Under suggestion from my doctor it was time that I had the indoor air quality of my home tested.

I called an air quality specialist to come out to my home and do just that. And lo and behold it turned out that indeed I had super bad air quality! I really only had one option to get things in order. And that was to buy a whole home air purification system. This was something that would go into my central heating and air conditioning system and be controlled on the same thermostat that controls the heat and a/c. The air purifier would come through the air vents and could be run with or without the heating and air conditioning system. This is the only thing I could do to improve the air quality in my home. Buying a portable air purification system would do nothing because the air quality is so bad. So this is exactly what I did. I went and made the investment into the whole home air purification system. Once installed the whole home air purification system began to show promise within a few days of using it. I could feel the air quality getting better. Then within a week it was almost like I never had an air quality issue. The air quality was good. I had the air quality specialist come out and test it again after a few weeks of the whole home air purification system and all was perfect. The whole home air purification system turned out to be the perfect indoor air cleaner.


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