I never want to live without a/c again

In the desert there used to be a notorious outdoor prison where all of the prisoners live in tents without access to air conditioning.

All they have is the tents to keep the sun off of them and a few fans.

The televisions are powered by prisoners pedaling bikes. The place is absolute Hell. I should know, I spent 6 months there. I won’t get into the details of why I ended up spending 6 months in a tent in the desert without air conditioning. What I will say is that this experience taught be two things. One: that I never wanted to end up there again. And two: that I wanted to live as close to an air conditioner as a physically could for the rest of my life. I was able to make both happen. I never returned to that prison, or any other, and I have never lived without air conditioning again. After I got out I found a crappy job and a crappy apartment with a window a/c unit. The a/c unit was in the living room so I slept in the living room for 4 years before I got a better job and a better apartment. Now, ten years later, I am having a real home built with my wife. And, I bet you can guess, I am having the best air conditioning system that money can buy installed in it. The HVAC people keep asking if I am sure I want a system this strong because it would cool a building 4 times the size of our new house. Yes, yes I am sure but thanks for asking.



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