I noticed my sinuses were getting worse

My dad knows that I have terrible sinus issues and helps me by staying on top of the cooling system and media air cleaner in the house.

I’m so thankful that he does this for me because having a nice media air cleaner has been a saving grace to my overall health.

Not only does he replace the air filters every week, but she has correctly stressed maintenance visits with our local a/c worker to make sure everything is working officially. It might seem like a normal thing for a parent to make sure the a/c is all good, although I find it quite special to see how he goes the extra mile to make sure that it is in almost perfect condition so that I can guess good. One time when my dad was away for a while, my mom forgot to change the air filters, but when I noticed that my sinuses were getting worse, I asked her to check the air filters. There were so many black spots, mold, and tiny critters inside of the air filters and it made me completely sick, she vowed to never forget to do it again, but when my dad got back she just passed that task right back to him, he is super thoughtful and never forgets to do things like that. I’m easily grateful for my dad, and I think that is a privilege to say. Some of my friends don’t have relationships with either of their parents, and some have even lost one or both of their parents. I easily value family and recognizing how strong that dynamic is.

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