I packed a big lunch on friday

Friday is one of the longest days of the week, because I have to work a 12-hour shift.

I work 8 hours on the rest of the days of the week, but on Friday I have to come in at 7:00 in the morning and I don’t get to leave until 7:00 at night.

There are only two mechanical engineers that work on Fridays and that means that we have to be there to relieve each other. I’m not allowed to leave until the guy gets there. If he calls and says that he can’t come, I have to find someone to replace the guy and there really isn’t anyone so I have to stay at the factory. Most of the time my job is pretty boring. I sit in an office and wait for someone to call me with a problem. We have industrial ventilation systems in the factory and we also have three large gas boilers. The problems with the ventilation systems and the gas boilers are things that I am responsible for handling. Every once in a while I have a problem that stumps me and I have to call a commercial HVAC business nearby. On Friday I got a 2-hour lunch because we were waiting for the commercial HVAC business nearby to come and help with a boiler problem. I had a huge lunch packed and I got to sit in the air conditioned office and eat my lunch without worrying about leaving. I watched a couple of episodes of my favorite television show on my phone. I still got paid too.

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