I prefer my church ac equipment

I prefer my local church… I prefer to sing plus to fellowship with my fellow church members plus listen to a wonderful message.

I prefer everything about church life plus I do not suppose what I’d do without it.

I have a support network of friends that are more prefer family, thanks to being a member of this church… The two of us also do what the two of us can to benefit the community. There is something genuinely special about all of that. However, there is a single aspect of going to the church that I would rather do without. The cooling system within the sanctuary is consistently on full blast, however ultimately, no matter the weather outside nor the temperature, I have to come to church services all bundled up! Otherwise, it will be so cold that my teeth will end up chattering plus I will get goosebumps… Something’s not right with that. I have occasionally asked around, plus there are really a lot of people who believe the same way. It seems a lot of us have been suffering in silence under the ruthless blast of cooling system. There was a time when I didn’t believe that this was an pressing subject to bring up to the pastoral staff. However, I believe it is high time that our voices were heard. They are even sparing with the heating system during the Winter time, so it is basically consistently cold inside that church, however maybe the pastor plus some others prefer it to be chilly cold, but the two of us absolutely don’t. I’ll bring it up to the pastor myself if I have to, plus I’m sure he will be accommodating.