I prefer those weeks

There is only two weeks out of the entire year, when I can turn off the Heating & Air Conditioning plan plus open the windows, the weather in our region is legitimately warm plus humid.

The cooling system runs non-stop, especially while I was in the Summer months, then during the months of July plus September, periodically I even have an extra cooling system in the entryway.

The weather is legitimately 1 of the worst parts about living in this area, but i grew up in the region, plus I have never lived someplace else, however even though it’s hot, humid, plus filled with 12 inch bugs, it’s still house to me. I prefer those two weeks in the middle of May, when the temperatures are perfect to open the windows, then my spouse plus I have a room full of windows that face the west. Every one of us open all the giant windows plus all of us usually try to air out the house. The airflow is significant, plus the breeze is usually cool plus relaxing. During this time, our spouse plus I usually try to perform repair on our Heating & Air Conditioning system. Every one of us carefully clean all of the electrical plus mechanical components of our Heating & Air Conditioning system, plus all of us also clean all of the air vents. This repair is the only time when all of us clean the unit, so all of us do our best to cover all the bases. My spouse plus I have watched a dozen unusual videos online, plus all of us are experts at cleaning plus maintaining our Heating & Air Conditioning system, but sometimes all of us even help our Mom plus Mom, when they perform the yearly Heating & Air Conditioning tune-up too.

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