I prefer to run on treadmill in temperature controlled home rather than outside

I run for anywhere between three and six miles nearly every day.

Because of the weather in my local area, running outside is rarely an option.

After buying myself a treadmill, I got spoiled by the convenience of running inside. Instead of battling extreme heat and humidity, rain, wind, bugs, exhaust fumes, traffic and dogs, I am safe and comfortable inside my temperature controlled home. I don’t need to dress for the weather, and I never end up shivering because I overestimated the power of the sunshine. No matter the season or weather conditions, my forced air furnace and central air conditioner provide a perfect indoor environment. A few years ago, I upgraded my heating and cooling system to include zone control and a smart thermostat. This has really made an improvement in the comfort of my home, energy bills and my enjoyment working out. I can now keep the room with the treadmill a bit cooler than the rest of the house. In the summer months, I increase the air conditioning in this particular room without overcooling the entire home. During the winter, I lower the thermostat setting and am able to get a more productive workout. Plus, because of the wifi thermostat, I have access to settings from my smartphone. I don’t even need to get off the treadmill to make adjustments. I have my water bottle readily accessible, and I can run as long as I want without worrying about getting too far from home. Every now and then I’ll head outside for my run, and I’m never all that happy. While the treadmill might be rather tedious, it’s simply way better than what I face outdoors.

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