I put a ductless mini split in my shed to use it in all seasons

It’s nice having a lanai linked to my ground level condominium.

I have set up a grill on the piece of sidewalk linked to the lanai if I ever want to have a little barbecue with friends or family members.

This is perfect if you’re someone prefer myself and others who enjoys entertaining guests at least once a week most weeks. I insist on having friends plus family over prefer I did when I had a private dorm room on campus while in graduate school. When I took a task in another state for a few years, I was isolated because I failed to make any friends plus didn’t recognize anyone in the part to begin with. So when I finally came back to my hometown, I essentially established an open door policy with all of my friends, family, plus work associates. It’s nice having holiday meals here especially. Sometimes I’ll even host a Thanksgiving dinner if I can rely on my siblings to help myself and others with the cooking. The first year both of us had thanksgiving here I decided to put a ductless mini split in my lanai plus set up a big table there so we’d have a appealing view from all angles. It’s nice knowing that I can have guests in the lanai at all times of the year because I have a ductless mini split air conditioning system that also has a heating system built in. There are several ductless mini splits that only offer cooling features. If it ever gets below chilly I can always add a space heating system to improve the warmth out there. Otherwise, the heating system in the ductless mini split is more than satisfactory at keeping myself and others plus my guest moderate at all times.

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