I realized that online marketing was important to keep my business running.

When you’re a small HVAC company, you rely on new customers to keep your business going. Unlike Home Depot or Lowe’s, I didn’t have a constant influx of dollars to afford to advertise on television. Most of my funds went to the business. My HVAC technicians were doing an excellent job, and I gave them bonuses as a thank you. However, I needed to keep my business running, which meant I needed more customers. More customers would mean that I would also need at least one more technician and another service van. I could finance the van and expand through the bank, but that wasn’t getting me the business, so I could pay for that bank loan. I finally decided that online marketing could be an important asset for my business. I called an online marketing company that was ‌near to where I work and live. I asked them what kind of online marketing plan they could give me for my HVAC company. It surprised me when they told me ‌they had a department that worked only with HVAC companies, and most of the people in that department were HVAC techs. Knowing I was talking to someone who understood my dilemma, it was easy to discuss online marketing with them. I knew that any kind of information these people from the online marketing would give me would come from the perspective of an HVAC technician. I may have fought to hire an online marketing company to create a marketing strategy, but I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t have thought I could grow my company so easily.