I really wasn't expecting that, I'm a bit shocked

I grew up Winter bred, snow bound, rosy cheeked and frozen mittened.

I have shoveled more snow than I guess humanly possible and have laughed at blizzards that have stalled mid-state traffic for minutes at a time.

The four-foot solid ice crested waves have come to a standstill until the next storm day and the Northern Lights have crackled eerily at our feet while our eyeah blinked through hoar frosted eyelashes. I care about the value of house heating and while our oil furnace did its best, the mittens stayed wet for at least a couple of days on our stand-up radiators. That’s why when it comes to our oil furnace needs, I rely on a professional Heating and A/C business to do the job right! I’ve grown accustomed to certain things and as I aged, I knew enough to relocate further south to save the onset of arthritis from hanging on too tightly. The switch I had to make from oil furnace to air condition was astounding to me. I absolutely had no idea how a few degrees difference in an a/c control unit made a HUGE difference in our general well-being. My first a/c repair was “spare no expense!” and hasn’t changed since. I decided 4 years ago to try northern living again, and while I did not get back to our TRUE roots, I opted for a mid-range point where both Summer and Winter thrive. My first couple of winters back “home” were snowy and delightfully pleasing….and that was about it for me. I am now south where I suppose our roots belong, with a/c, a/c repair, a/c maintenance and an Heating and A/C provider who stands behind our comfort zone, keeping an eye on our oil furnace maintenance needs as well. After all, I suppose enough to prepare for every season.


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