I regularly tell my sibling he needs to take care of his Heating and Air Conditioning

Something that has bothered me about my sibling is that he is so lazy when it comes to things.

He never wants to go out locations, plus if that wasn’t exhausting enough, he never genuinely takes common care of his home.

Whenever I go over there to hang out with him, the air quality is exhausting in his lake home plus he regularly comes up with an excuse as to why he didn’t have his air filter changed. He will say things savor the air filters were too costly last time he went to the store plus he’s waiting for them to go on sale. I guess the tplot reason is that he just doesn’t want to bother worrying about changing the air filter. I tell him all the time though, he has to take good care of his Heating and Air Conditioning method or he’s going to end up regretting it. He’s not going to be too thrilled when 1 day his Heating and Air Conditioning method dies on him, plus he ends up having to replace the entire Heating and Air Conditioning system. Trust me, Heating and Air Conditioning systems are not cheap plus this is something I was trying to get through his thick skull. He just nodded his head plus said he would get the air filters changed eventually. I genuinely hope he listens because I don’t guess how much longer I can deal with the terrible air quality in his home, plus I would don’t like to see him have to come up with the money for emergency Heating and Air Conditioning repairs or a brand current Heating and Air Conditioning system. That would be brutal.

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