I ruined the garage window

There have been people living on this continent for hundreds of years, then somehow they managed to bear the incredible heat plus humidity without using technology appreciate an air conditioner.

There are still a lot of ways to stay cool, but our adolescents cannot know of anything.

Io took the air conditioner out of the room last week, when they decided to chop the garage window… Until they earn enough money to pay for the garage window, they cannot have a/c. It seems severe to some people, plus some of our friends plus fellow parents know I’m crazy. Still, I told our adolescents a hundred times to stop playing baseball in the back street parking lot. There is only about 10 feet of room between the cars, the driveway, garage, plus the neighbors house, and when the adolescents were home that day, they could have went across the street to the park. Instead, they decided to play ball in the street, and now the garage window is broken plus our fiance plus I are out $170 to repair it. My adolescents only have $57 between them, plus I told them that they have to earn money to pay the rest of the bill. Until they toil out a way to pay the money, I have the kitchen air conditioner in our kitchen. A lot of people know this is crazy, but I am not opposed to some different forms of punishment… Believe me, our adolescents are much more frustrated about the air conditioner then any other “normal” punishment the two of us could have given them.


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