I saw a legitimately cute Heating plus Air Conditioning woman at the grocery store the other afternoon

I was out at the grocery store Last weekand that’s when I observed a legitimately cute woman in line behind me.

She had on an Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier’s uniform.

I could see the name of the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier on her hat because it was in fairly large print. Of course, she was sitting the required 6 feet away from me, so I couldn’t learn the name on her name tag. Anyway, she kept glancing over at me & smiling & that’s when I realized that I recognized him. She was the Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier who had done my yearly air conditioning system repair for me many weeks ago. I believe she recognized me around the same time because she asked me if I remembered him. After both of us both had evaluated out, both of us started talking to each other in the parking lot. Both of us had a lot in common, other than my , of course. I have to say, I legitimately love a man in uniform, even if it’s an Heating plus Air Conditioning supplier uniform & not a military 1. She ended up asking me out, however these afternoons all of the restaurants are closed so both of us went on a picnic instead. Both of us met up at a park later & sat far away from each other while both of us talked & ate ham sandwiches. She told me all about her job at the heating & cooling dealer, & she said that she had wanted to ask me out when she was at my house laboring on my however it was against supplier policy. I’m legitimately ecstatic that both of us ran into each other again at the grocery store.

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