I saw a really cute HVAC guy at the grocery store the other day

I was out at the grocery store last week and that’s when I noticed a really cute guy in line behind me.

He had on an HVAC technician’s uniform.

I could see the name of the HVAC company on his hat because it was in fairly large print. Of course, he was standing the required six feet away from me, so I couldn’t read the name on his name tag. Anyway, he kept glancing over at me and smiling and that’s when I realized that I recognized him. He was the HVAC technician who had done my yearly A/C maintenance for me several months ago. I guess he recognized me around the same time because he asked me if I remembered him. After we both had checked out, we started talking to each other in the parking lot. We had a lot in common, other than my air conditioning system, of course. I have to say, I really like a man in uniform, even if it’s an HVAC company uniform and not a military one. He ended up asking me out, but these days all of the restaurants are closed so we decided to go on a picnic instead. We met up at a park later and sat far away from each other while we talked and ate ham sandwiches. He told me all about his job at the heating and cooling company, and he said that he had wanted to ask me out when he was at my house working on my air conditioner but it was against company policy. I’m really glad that we ran into each other again at the grocery store.
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