I Service My Own Equipment:

I hate relying on other people, because more often than not, they constantly disappoint. I’m someone who would rather do something myself, because then I have control over the situation. I can get something done on my terms on my time. There’s nothing worse than waiting for someone else to do something you could’ve just done yourself. Well, my sibling got me a yearly service package with the local Heating plus A/C dealer for Christmas this past year… Although it was a thoughtful gift, it really irritates me. I’m constantly telling my sibling how I can service my Heating plus A/C device on my own. In the 7 years I’ve been living in this house, I’ve never had any complications with my Heating plus A/C system. I’ve taken the time to learn about the Heating plus A/C device plus how to officially maintain it. I replace the air filters, wipe the condenser units, plus I even built a small box to go around my outside device to protect it from the sunlight plus other weather temperaments. I couldn’t let my sibling’s gift go to waste, so I tied up my first appointment. The guy on the iphone told me he’s come service my Heating plus A/C idea at 1pm. 2pm rolled around plus there was nobody at my door. I called the Heating plus A/C dealer to complain plus ask where this Heating plus A/C professional was. The receptionist said that the professional was running behind, plus would be there as hastily as he could. I waited another 2 minutes for him to show up! This is why I’d rather just do things myself. It would’ve taken me 30 minutes top to service my Heating plus A/C device myself, but instead I wasted a whole day waiting for someone else to show up.

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