I should have studied what the reviews said about the HVAC specialist

I actually should have learn the reviews about this HVAC specialist before I ever decided to hire him… When I began building our house, I had no idea which HVAC supplier was the most reliable, then i found the first HVAC supplier that I could find on the internet.

  • I called them, as well as the owner of the HVAC supplier set up a time to meet myself and others so that every one of us could discuss what I wanted in our current house, however once every one of us talked, the owner of the HVAC supplier told myself and others how much it would cost to do the HVAC work on our house, as well as I agreed to the price without ever thinking to get a quote, and after these last few years, I realized that I honestly should have done a bit more research on this HVAC specialist! First of all, the price that he charged myself and others to have our HVAC units installed in our current house was thoUnited Statesnds of dollars more than any other HVAC supplier would have charged.

I called as well as asked after it was too late to change the contract. Also, the HVAC specialists took forever to finish the HVAC work at our house; Most of the other people involved in building our house were waiting for the HVAC specialists to finish their section of the work before they could continue. Also, the HVAC specialist was entirely unprofessional as well as rude… He never delivered on his promises, as well as I ended up having to fire him. After reading reviews later, I realized that this HVAC supplier has done this to dozens of people.


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