I stappled my smart control machine to the wall

This might sound a little bit crazy, however I decided to glue my smart control machine to the wall.

This was because my youngsters kept messing with the smart control machine pulling it off the wall plus plugging it back in.

I kept yelling at them not to touch the smart control unit, but they wouldn’t listen. Eventually, they ended up chopping the base of the smart control machine that holds the unit in place. I didn’t suppose what to do so I decided to get some gorilla glue plus glue it to the wall. It’s restrained in securely now plus you can’t even pull it from the wall. This easily was a foolish move because if it ever breaks, how am I going to update it? In the meantime, it’s toiling just fine. My buddies said I should have called an Heating plus A/C serviceman to come update the base of the smart control unit, but no, I had to do things my way. It’s at least toiling just fine, I just need to make sure the youngsters don’t end up chopping the actual smart control unit. I entirely hope it lasts me forever because I don’t look forward to replacing it. Thermostats tend to last for a actually long time anyway, so long as youngsters are not messing around with them! I think I might have to put a lock cage around my control machine so the youngsters can’t mess with it any longer. Then that smart control machine will last a long time plus I can always just adjust the temperature control settings with my cellphone. I think I’m going to have to do that just to make sure it remains safe for a long stage of time.

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