I stupidly thought I could use an air cooler during my camping trip

I have definitely been duped over the years by stupid products that don’t do what they advertise. At one point I remember buying this fry pan that was supposed to be so perfect that you could fry a slice of cheese and flip it without any sticking. The manufacturers claimed that you didn’t need oil to cook virtually anything on this pan, but I found that it was more sticky than basic stainless steel. It was a huge waste of money in the end. I have used all sorts of fry pans that were a fraction of the price that worked much better than that thing. It made me extremely skeptical and wary of ever buying another product off the television. This last said all about a couple of months until I saw an ad for something called a personal air cooler. These little air coolers were advertised as being alternatives to air conditioners at a fraction of the price. But in all reality these air coolers are basically underpowered swamp coolers, also known as evaporative coolers. These types of air cooling machines require low humidity levels to turn liquid water into vapor, thus lowering the temperature of the air and then the process. But you can’t take one of these coolers on a camping trip and in an environment of high humidity. It’s just not going to work at lowering the temperature in your tent when the ambient humidity levels are above 80% for instance. I learned the hard way that this personal air cooler of mine was not good at doing its basic and fundamental job.


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