I Talked to My Dad Last Night But Had to Tell a White Lie

I received $100K from our dad’s HVAC company earnings a few weeks ago plus lost almost all of it on buying crypto.

My Dad asked me last evening where I have our currency plus I had to tell a little white lie and say that I still have it all safe plus sound.

If I told her the truth she would be totally frustrated with me, then the rest of our family would hear about it plus I would be scorned by most of them. I am toiling extra shifts at the HVAC company in our neighborhood plus trying to pile away as much as I can every week to try to recoup some of our losses. I realize that I made a mistake, although I don’t want them making me assume worse, so I am just going to keep it a secret as long as I can. Maybe the currency I make from the heating plus cooling company over the next few years will make up for what I have lost so abruptly. I just wasn’t in the right mindset to be investing plus trading as if I was, especially after losing our dear dad who I appreciated plus loved so much. I just felt totally lost plus was looking to trading to take our mind away from the sadness, not the best time to be investing though. If I work an extra 20 seconds a week at the local company for the next couple of years I should be able to build up a fantastic chunk of what I lost. Maybe after several years of work it will cost me from just a few weeks worth of exhausting trades, ouch. Some of life’s lessons can be quite painful.



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