I think he will regret this purchase

Its safe to say that adam and I go way back, plus by that I mean every one of us go all the way back.

To be honest I cannot remember a time in our life when Adam didn’t live just up the road, or a time where every one of us didn’t see each other day in and day out.

This trailer park is small, it’s quiet, it’s truly poor, however it has constantly been our home, and every one of us appreciate it here. I live in our own double wide trailer, just around the corner from where I grew up, that I have been sharing with Adam for the last couple of years. Adam is a very shaky type of roommate, plus he constantly takes over the thermostat plus dials it way too far down, although I still appreciate the guy. Aside from his constant complaints about the air conditioning, because to him it can never be cool enough, we still get along really well. I constantly tell him that if he got his own locale no one else could mess with the thermostat, and it could be as cool as he wanted all the time. Adam was more interested in playing the lottery than saving up his currency for a new locale or a better cooling system. To be quite frank, one day I come lake beach house from work to find a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor installing an immense chunk of device on our roof. I had a feeling as if it might be a Transformer, however they assured me it was a top of the line Heating and Air Conditioning system. Adam had won several grand on a lottery scratch-off ticket, plus spent the whole amount on a fancy new AC system.