I think I should sign up for preventative heating maintenance for my house

I’ve never been signed up for any kind of preventative heating maintenance program in the home that we live in now. I never really thought that we needed it. Although the old saying says that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But I always thought that we could do okay without it. That all ended this year when we had a heat wave during the summer. The air conditioning system just couldn’t handle the demands we were making on it. It got to the point where the temperature inside seemed to be just as hot as the temperature outside. The A/C vents were actually blowing warm air instead of cold. And the indoor temperature reading on our digital thermostat wasn’t moving at all, even though I had adjusted it all the way down. I finally gave up and called our local heating and cooling company to make an appointment. When the HVAC tech showed up at our house, he did a thorough inspection of our central air conditioning system and just shook his head. He said that if we’d only had some preventative maintenance done on our heating and air conditioning system, we could’ve saved our HVAC unit. He then explained that a lot of little things going wrong with our system over the past few years had culminated in our air conditioning completely crashing. Then he said that our furnace didn’t look so good either. I guess trying to save money on HVAC maintenance really wasn’t the best idea. After we install a new HVAC system, I’m definitely going to sign up for preventative maintenance!
a/c workman