I think our apartment is too warm

I think our apartment is too warm.

My family genuinely does not agree with myself and others when it comes to the temperature of our house.

It is odd to myself and others that our hubby prefers the apartment warmer than I do, however that is just how it is for us, but usually, the guy prefers the apartment cooler, and the lady prefers the apartment warmer, however that just isn’t how it is in our hubby’s and our relationship. I adore having a cool house. I adore the temperature of our apartment to be between fifty-five and sixty-five degrees. If it is any warmer than sixty-five degrees, I think adore it is just too warm in our house. I think that sounds absolutely weird, however that is just what I think. My hubby and youngsters adore the apartment to be around seventy-five degrees which I think is way too warm and even a bit warmer than usual. Thankfully, our apartment is not that warm. All of us compromise with the temperature of our house. All of us keep the apartment at about seventy degrees. That way, I am too warm, and they are too cold. I think that it doesn’t absolutely make much sense, however it is a compromise for sure. I adore that the two of us have to come to a compromise in our household over the temperature of the house. It sort of cracks myself and others up that the temperature of the apartment is that important to all of us, however it is. I may think that the apartment is too warm, although I am thankful that the apartment is not seventy-five degrees or warmer adore our hubby and children would absolutely adore it to be.

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