I think someone lied about the condition of the heater

I hate to give customers bad news, especially when they are really expecting to hear something good.

I recently had to tell a customer that they purchased a machine that does not work.

The customer insisted that she get a second opinion, but I later found out that another heating and AC provider had the same advice for the customer. The woman purchased a house for cash. It was an older mobile home and the place at central heating and Air conditioning. She knew that the property was going to go quickly, because it was priced so cheaply. She did not take any time to have a home inspector look at the property. Since the place was cheap, she thought it wouldn’t be a big deal if she had to make some repairs. She called me to set up an appointment, because I am a contractor that handles heating and AC replacements and repairs. The woman hired me to perform a tune-up on the heater, because she wanted to rent the place to someone. I took one look at the heater and I told the customer that the machine was inoperable. I knew it as soon as I saw that it was missing some key parts. The owner of the property was very unhappy with the estimate that she received from me. I’m sure she got someone else to do the work for a cheaper price, but I know she didn’t get anyone to tell her that the heater and air conditioning system were working just fine.

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