I think the gas heater is going bad

I have a apartment that has an upstairs as well as a downstairs as well as there is also an attic as well as a basement… The furnace is located downstairs in the basement as well as sporadically it makes a lot of different noises, then i frequently go to the basement because the washing machine as well as dryer are located in that room… Sporadically I send the kids downstairs to transport the clothes from one machine to the other or get the clothes from the dryer to bring them upstairs.

They always come playing when it’s cold because it happens to be cold in the basement… Even though the furnace is located in that room, all of the heat goes upstairs via the air ducting, but very few of years ago, my spouse installed a small radiant heater above the washing machine on the dryer.

There is a switch upstairs as well as I can turn on the radiant heater for up to 30 minutes at a time; When the radiant heater is running, it’s a lot warmer downstairs as well as I do not mind sitting in the section to fold all of the clothes. I was folding some clothes a couple of days ago as well as I heard some different sounds coming from the furnace. It leads me to believe that the furnace is honestly going bad. It’s been 12 years since my pal and I had the oil furnace installed as well as I know it’s honestly time to make some updates. I have been thinking a lot about oil to gas conversion… Gas is more energy efficient as well as cleaner as well as it might be a good change for our home.


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