I thought he was joking

My good friend has a crazy sense of humor.

You never know when he is telling the truth or pulling a joke on you.

This was the case when we were hanging out a few weeks ago and he kept going on about how he was going to visit this legal weed store near me to get some pot legally. I was laughing at him thinking this was some kind of crazy joke because he looked so serious when he was telling me about what he was going to do. Also the fact that he was saying that there was a legal marijuana store near me was even more off the wall. Come to find out he wasn’t joking! He went on to tell me that he got his legal medical marijuana card from his local doctor because he had been having some issues with his back after pulling it out during a job. His medical marijuana card gives him temporary access to these legal weed stores to use marijuana as an alternative to pain meds. After really hearing my friend out and him explaining it in deep detail, I thought it was the most awesome thing! Not for the fact of getting to smoke weed legally, or the fact that there is an actual real legal weed store near me. But the fact that they found a great alternative to pain medicine that is much safer than the drug. Although they call marijuana drugs, it is really a part of holistic health and it is all natural. There is no question about that.



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