I thought I wanted a portable AC unit?

When our air conditioning quit working, I worried about what we were going to do to keep cool. It was summer and even though we lived in the northeast, summers could still be brutal. I didn’t like it when the temperatures got up into the upper eighties. I didn’t like the humidity either, so when the air conditioning went out, I knew I had to find an alternative cooling system for my home. I called my brother and I asked him if he would go to town with me to help me find a portable air conditioning unit for my house. When we got to the home center, he took me to the window air conditioning units instead of to the portable air conditioners. He told me that the window air conditioners were more efficient to run and that they were much cheaper to use than was a portable air conditioner. I couldn’t believe that since the portable AC was so much smaller than the window AC unit that it could be more efficient. I knew that it would be cooler in the house, but I thought it would be more expensive to run. I was surprised when he showed me the stats on the window AC unit. According to everything I read, the window AC unit he was trying to talk me into buying, would be almost half as much to run as the smaller portable AC unit. It was cheaper to run and it one unit would be able to cool off two rooms. It was a no brainer to buy the window air conditioning unit.

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