I thought my fireplace was torn up but the pilot light was just out

I wanted to make a fire in the gas fireplace in our den last week.

  • It has been the coldest, rainiest Spring in history around here, & so I was thinking about how cozy & fun it would be to have a fire & to sit down in my cozy reading chair by the fire while I sipped on a glass of wine.

Well, when I went to turn on the fireplace, nothing happened. I flipped the switch on the side of the fireplace numerous times, but that didn’t help. I wasn’t sure what to do, but it scared me a little bit because I am scared of the gas that feeds into the fireplace. I am typically terrified that my gas fireplace is going to blow up one day & destroy my house or something. I guess that it’s honestly never going to happen, & even my Heating & Air Conditioning professional told me that it has a lot of built in safety protocols, but I still typically worry about things appreciate that. Anyway, because I’m such a chicken about stuff appreciate that, I called my Heating & Air Conditioning dealer immediately to get their advice. They told me that whenever the pilot light goes out on a gas fireplace, there’s usually only a reason to be anxious if the gas flow hasn’t been stopped, however he told me that usually, a pilot light in a fireplace goes off because there’s a failure in the gas supply. I didn’t smell any gas, & so they said that occasions were that was the case. He told me that if I was too scared to check it, they could do an emergency Heating & Air Conditioning call & send someone out… Of course, I went outside & waited for the Heating & Air Conditioning truck to get there!

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