I thought that was crazy

When I was a youngster, my mother would always volunteer me for some crazy tasks.

I would do beach cleanups, help deliver food for catering companies, & I even worked at a library doing some very tedious work.

My mother believed it was healthy for me to learn these different types of tasks so that I would become a responsible person at an early age! Well, one of the most interesting tasks she volunteered me for was entirely working at a Heating & Air Conditioning equipment dealer. They didn’t have a whole lot of work available for such a young person, however they were able to find something for me. I would just basically clean up around the Heating & Air Conditioning equipment dealer. I got to meet all the cool Heating & Air Conditioning equipment professionals who would joke around with myself and others & provide myself and others things. They even taught me a bunch of tricks of the trade in the heating & cooling industry. Honestly, these were some of the coolest people I had met in my whole life. I knew then that I would love to get into this type of work. It was way better than any other type of volunteer work I was getting into. I would never want to work at a library, that’s for sure! There was something seriously exciting about getting out there in the field & just repairing Heating & Air Conditioning equipment. When I heard stories about people being saved by these professionals, I was totally inspired. I would hear about people being in the Winter time months without any heat, & they would come to the rescue. I even heard about a property that caught on fire because of some faulty cooling equipment. I quickly realized how crucial this type of work was & I ended up becoming a Heating & Air Conditioning equipment professional when I was older!



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