I thought that was necessary

Normally, I do not pay much attention or care when our family upgrades our appliances or features around my home.  I don’t get to choose what my parents decide to buy and they usually don’t impact me much. However, when my parents upgraded our furnace and air conditioner to a more advanced HVAC system with a smart thermostat, it was something that benefited all of us.  With this new HVAC system, we each had control of the temperatures in every room. We used bluetooth to connect our smartphones to the smart thermostat with an app. The heating system was unique to every room, meaning that just because the heat is on in one room, the air could be on in the other. Anyone connected to the smart thermostat could change the temperature with a few taps on their phone.  If I am in my bed, I can control the heat or air conditioner without going downstairs or making other people in the house uncomfortable with the temperature change. My favorite feature is being able to check and change the temperature of the house when I’m not even at home. After a long day at school in the winter, our heat is usually not running, leaving our home very cold. Before I drive home, I use the app to turn on our heater, so by the time I arrive at our house, it is much warmer inside.  I am surprised by how much I enjoy having this smart, new feature in my house. My parents are surprised by how much I use it as well, and my Dad is always trying to monitor my brother and I to make sure we don’t cause the monthly bills to rise too much.