I thought that was too loud

My best friend is, in many ways, the exact opposite of me. I am the quiet, stay at home type, while Opal is a thrill seeker. She has travelled to so many places around the world, that even she has lost count. I have lived in the same house for close to ten years, while Opal keeps changing residences more frequently than anybody else I know. One thing we do  have in common is our appreciation of fine quality indoor air. So when I went with her in search of new living quarters, we both knew that a reliable HVAC system was a priority.

               The first apartment we checked out was perfect in that respect. It was a studio apartment with beautifully tiled heated floors. We both adore radiant heating but  alas, the space was woefully inadequate. Our next stop was at a three storey apartment building. We asked the manager about his HVAC idea and he told us it worked great. The size was perfect, the AC quality was great, and so was the price. We thought this would be perfect till we realized that a major highway was only a few feet away from the building. The noise of engines buzzing was non-stop. If there is one thing Opal likes as much as good AC air quality, it is undisturbed sleep.

              Finally, my friend settled on an apartment which was the perfect size and had a fine working HVAC plan. The price was a little more that she had bargained for but she figured she could handle it. Knowing Opal, she will be out of that place long before long, so…