I took a smoke chop before finishing the A/C repair

Sometimes a shopper will be as nice as possible as well as other times the shopper will be mean as well as rude, but i care about when clients don’t talk to me at all, one of the reasons why I chose the heating as well as A/C maintenance profession is so I don’t have to deal with people all of the time.

I don’t have to deal with anyone on a official basis because I am constantly working on a job, then the most interaction I have is with the shopper as well as I try to make that as little as possible, however when I get to an address, I talked to the owner of the house or business.

I make sure that they suppose I am there to get the work done, but after that, I usually don’t talk to the shopper again until I am ready to present them with a bill. If I have any questions or problems, I will find the shopper to ask, although I try not to have much interaction with them if possible. There was a shopper at a recent maintenance that decided to contact the office after I took a smoke break. The shopper did not think that I should take a smoke chop before I finish the repair. When the guy saw me laying outside in my truck with a cigarette, he gave me a dirty look. I waved to the guy because I did not realize he was upset, then he thought I was being a jerk as well as called my boss. It was a large misunderstanding although I got into trouble for taking a smoke break.



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