I took the car in when the AC wasn't working properly

Problems with the air conditioning system can happen anywhere at any time.

I was driving home from a show and I was very tired.

When the AC started blowing warm air, I turned it on to the highest setting and put the air conditioner on maximum cool. The air conditioning system was still blowing warm air. I took the car to the shop the next morning and I told the dealership mechanic that the AC unit wasn’t blowing cold air. The guy told me that I could pick up my car later that afternoon and he would be able to give me an estimate for the repairs. I spent all day thinking about the problem with the AC unit. It was very sudden and I never had any problems with the cooling equipment until the previous night. I was hoping that the mechanic would be able to give me a clue. I had an Uber take me to the dealership after work. One of my co-workers was going to drive me, but she had a flat tire. After I helped her change the flat tire, she was late to pick up her son from school and no longer had time to take me to the place where my car was sitting. When I got to the dealership, I found out that they never had anyone look at the AC problem that day. I had to bring the car that next day and it took 3 days for them to get the parts for the AC unit. It was more than a week that I had to spend without cool air in my car.

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