I truly thought the dog was the better choice

At a single point, my hubby in addition to myself felt that the installation of a nice security as well as alarm plan was warranted for our home. It was a long time before Wireless technology was readily available. The process of installing the alarm system was entirely invasive. The people in addition to myself received multiple estimates from multiple companies in addition to the costs were actually quite shocking. The supplier explained how they would have the need to drill holes in each wall in addition to run wires near the ceiling. None of us thought that sounded great in addition to it seemed like a great way for heat in addition to cool air to escape in addition to welcome outside. Leaks were consistently an invitation for contaminants like dust, dirt in addition to bugs. The people in addition to myself decided that the best type of security and also to the alarm system was a puppy. Now instead of accommodating wires, the people I was with in addition to myself had to deal with pee on carpet, scratching doors, and chewing Furniture. The dog woke us up nearly every single night and my hubby has now discovered that he has allergies. The people I was with in addition to myself would have spent a lot less money and effort if we would have purchased a security in addition to an alarm system instead of the dog. We wouldn’t have gotten ourselves into this huge mess.

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