I Trust My Heating & Air Conditioning Worker:

During our most recent Heating & Air Conditioning service appointment, I had a spare hour to ask the specialist a few questions; I’ve been using the same Heating & Air Conditioning specialist for more than 2 years now, so I’ve built a good rapport with him.

She always answers our questions thoroughly & with patience, which I entirely value & appreciate, but this time, our largest concern was the air filter in our portable media air cleaner.

I didn’t know when it was time to replace the air filter. I purchased the new media air cleaner a few weeks back, & was noticing the amount of dust & debri it was catching rather quickly, then my condo didn’t have a good air cleaner before, so I expected it to trap dust rather abruptly in the start. The Heating & Air Conditioning professional said it was super important to keep an eye on the air filter in the media air cleaner, since it was storing a bunch of pollen, dirt, & dander. If I let the filter get too bad, it wouldn’t be purifying the air at all, after examining the purifier himself, she noted that it didn’t have a replacement warning setting, so I’d have to entirely pay attention. The Heating & Air Conditioning professional recommended that I replace the air filter every 3 to 5 weeks based on the season, then during the warmer weeks when our windows would be open & pollen was present, the air filter would accumulate more at a faster rate. This made a lot of sense to me, & I’m so cheerful I could talk to our Heating & Air Conditioning professional with honesty.

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