I trust this business

My first house was a real nightmare. I bought the place a year after graduating from college. I was making decent money, and I wanted a home of my own. I found a three bedroom and two bath house in the suburbs, about 30 minutes away from work. Since the house was reasonably cheap, I decided to apply for a personal loan. The interest rate was higher, but I paid off the place much quicker. I borrowed extra money to make some necessary repairs. All of the indoor carpets needed to be replaced. The previous owner had lots of cats, and they didn’t seem to use a litter box. The entire house smelled awful, and the carpets were the first thing to go. After that, I sealed the floors to get rid of the smell. I hired an HVAC contractor to look at my existing system. The HVAC unit was not working, when I bought the house. It was eight years old, and I assumed that the entire HVAC unit would need to be replaced. I borrowed enough money to pay for a new HVAC unit. I decided to use the same HVAC contractor that my parents use. I wanted to use a reputable business with solid reviews. The last thing I needed was someone to take my money. My parents HVAC contractor recommended a new HVAC system. They also thought I should clean and sanitize the ductwork. After seeing the carpets, I thought that was a good idea too. Since I agreed to purchase a new HVAC system, they cleaned and sanitized the ductwork for free.

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