I understand why many people don’t want to be an HVAC technician

When I first went to school to become an HVAC technician so many people were asking me why I wanted to do it.

My family told me that the life of an HVAC technician wasn’t going to make me happy, but I knew it would.

I understand that people think the world of heating and cooling is dull, but it really isn’t. Each day of my job as an HVAC technician has been extremely fulfilling and I can go to new clients homes each day. There are always new advances in the technology of HVAC and I love to learn more. Another benefit about being an HVAC technician is that I can easily start my own HVAC business. There are many other fields where it is extremely hard to start your own business, HVAC is not one of them. A lot of people don’t like working with their hands, which is a big reason people have for not wanting to do any kind of HVAC work. I think that working with my hands is one of the big things that I love about HVAC work, I can really get into what I am doing. I became an HVAC technician because nothing else seems interesting to me, and I am really glad that I chose the heating and cooling industry. In a few years I actually plan to open my own HVAC business, which I think will really be amazing. I am dedicated to the HVAC industry and I know that I can make my business work. I plan to hire the best HVAC technicians I can find and make sure that I am well off. If you have ever thought about becoming an HVAC technician you shouldn’t listen to what others say.