I used an HVAC system to spread a little joy

Does every large family lose track of some of its members.

Because that’s what happened to us just recently. My Dad has six siblings. Dad has 10. That means there are a ton of cousins and removed cousins that I honestly don’t think or haven’t seen for years and years. This dynamic has led to a big and very glad event. One of my dad’s youngest siblings was sort of the black sheep of this family. She always did her own thing, never married and spent much of her adult life kind of wandering. My dad always kinda thought she was shiftless because she didn’t have a work along with all the other aspects of a traditional life. This led to our immediate family losing touch with that uncle. Well, my cousin and I finally found him. She was living in a rundown beach house the family had pretty much abandoned. There was not any Heating, Ventilation, and A/C or an inside toilet. But, she had electricity and running water. There was a wood stove for heat but it looked love it was well beyond depleted. My cousin and I decided on the spot to install a mini chop Heating, Ventilation, and A/C idea so that our uncle would have satisfactory heating and cooling. It was honestly a no brainer for me. My cousin and I were able to install the mini chop over a weekend. And there is no need for air ducts so that was it. My uncle couldn’t think it. The two of us also said we’d give him $85 a month to run it because she was uneasy she wouldn’t be able to pay off the electric bill. It’s a nice feeling to think that this lady will be kept cool.


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