I Want To Be Warm When The Snow Is Falling

I still have no desire to go outside in it

I know a lot of people love the snow. When winter comes they love to post photos on social media about how pretty it looks and how much they are having it in. I, on the other hand, have no desire to enjoy the snow. I like the way it looks from inside my cozy house. I am happy to open my blind and watch the snowfall, but you won’t find me dressed in a snowsuit or sledding up and down the neighborhood hills. I am thankful to have a great heating system that keeps my house toasty warm. My heater runs quietly, and my heating bills are always affordable. When I am at work all I think about is getting home to my warm house. I don’t even have to layer up because my HVAC system is always working to keep my house comfortable. I am lucky to have never had a problem with my HVAC system but if there ever is an issue, I know I can trust my local HVAC company to make any repairs. They are always happy to answer my questions. When I had my new heating system installed three years ago, I had no idea how much it would change my life. I can now tolerate winter and find myself enjoying the falling snow a little more. Of course, only from the inside. I still have no desire to go outside in it. I’ll just cozy up with my cat and my books and rest comfortably knowing my HVAC system will be blowing warm air all winter long.


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