I want to play with the gadgets too

We didn’t have much when I was a kid, to be honest… as well as by that I mean I never had access to all the cool toys, gadgets, as well as games most of my friends seemed to have in their modern homes… My folks worked hard, as well as the two of us always had plenty of clothes as well as food on the table, however whenever Christmas as well as birthday parties rolled around, they were always a bit lean, you believe what I mean? I am deeply grateful and appreciative for everything they gave me, however now that I’m a grown adult as well as make my own money I am trying to do my best to make up for lost ground.

The toys I like might be weird , for example a smart control unit is something I suppose is certainly exciting and enticing to me.

You may call myself and others a geek if you must, however an a/c system I can adjust using my cell PC is pretty sweet in my book. Now that I have the smart thermostat, on my way home from my task I pull up the app, which tells the exact temperature in my house, as well as I can nudge the A/C on so the venue is cool whenever I get home. There was a catch with this system, though, because the smart control unit eventually ended up being too smart for me, which made it a little less fun to operate. After the first week, the control unit had registered my usual temp swings, as well as added them into the programming. I SMSed the supplier to ask them carefully if there was a way to make the control unit a little stupider, just so I could play with it more often.


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