I want to spend it on modern windows

When you get married always your family & friends send you money… You then take that money & either spend our money for your wedding or blow it on the honeymoon, my partner & I are not those types of people the people I was with and I went off & eloped, just the 2 of us. Then the people I was with and I did a reasonably cheap honeymoon stateside to save money, but once most people started sending us money, the people I was with and I saved it for something. Now the 2 of us have quite a nest of currency & don’t suppose what to do with it. The people I was with and I agree that it should go towards something in the house, however i am strongly thinking about the windows in our house, then right now the people I was with and I have black frame windows that are so old that they don’t open. They also have glass that looks fogged over & dirty. It makes our house not look as new & scrub as it could. I want to get white windows with clear, scrub glass. I also would enjoy to expand some of the windows in the house to let in more natural light. I want the living room window wider, to add a single in the laundry room & to make the bathroom window floor to ceiling. This would require hiring a corporation & then a window supplier to do the replacement, however while the people I was with and I are at it, I would enjoy to add window tinting to the bill as well. I don’t want to have curtains or blinds anymore, then adding a tint provides privacy & sun protection. It would look much classier from outside the house too.
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