I want to spend it on new windows

When you get married regularly your family and friends send you money, and you then take that money and either spend money for your ceremony or blow it on the honeymoon, but my hubby and I are not those types of people we went off and eloped, just the multiple of us, but then we did a reasonably cheap honeymoon stateside to save money, then once everyone started sending us money, we saved it for something, now the multiple of us have quite a nest of currency and don’t think what to do with it… Every one of us agree that it should go towards something in the house! I am strongly thinking about the windows in our house… Right now we have black frame windows that are so old that they don’t open.

They also have glass that looks fogged over and dirty.

It makes our apartment not look as new and disinfect as it could. I want to get white windows with clear, disinfect glass. I also would care about to expand some of the windows in the apartment to let in more natural light. I want the home office window wider, to add one in the laundry room and to make the bathroom window floor to ceiling. This would require hiring a company and then a window company to do the replacement, but while we are at it, I would care about to add window tinting to the bill as well. I don’t want to have curtains or blinds anymore, then adding a tint provides privacy and sun protection. It would look much classier from outside the apartment too.


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