I wanted a SEER rating that was high

When the Heating as well as A/C specialist told me both of us needed a current air conditioning unit before summer, I took him serious, i immediately began looking at all the odd air conditioning units available, as well as at their efficiency ratings.

I found out that efficiency ratings not only referring to the energy use of the air conditioning unit, but it also refers to the amount of air conditioning both of us received for the least amount of energy. I decided I wanted an A/C unit with SEER of at least 20, and the Heating as well as A/C specialist came to the beach house that week, as well as asked what I had decided on. I told him I wanted the SEER of at least 20 as well as he smiled… He said that was really aggressive, as well as it was doable. He wanted to make sure both of us had what both of us wanted, as well as he was going to get us specs on several air conditioning units they had in stock. I thanked him, as well as he said he would be back the next day when our husband was home, all of us sat down that night as well as discussed what I had found, as well as he agreed with me… Now, all both of us had to do was look at the A/C units the Heating as well as A/C tech was talking about. All of us carefully went over the 4 A/C units they had in stock. I liked the a single more than the others, as well as asked what the largest difference was. He told me the SEER was 20, as well as it was a more compact A/C unit. He could install the A/C unit the following week, as well as both of us set up the appointment for when both our husband as well as I were home.

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