I wanted to know if I had to have wood furniture in my dining room?

Whenever I went into a furniture store to purchase a dining room set, the salespeople would ultimately show me a wood table and chair set.

I wanted to know why they didn’t have a glass and metal table and chairs, but they didn’t.

After being in my third furniture store, I got a bit upset. I told the salesperson that I wasn’t interested in solid wood tables and chairs. I told her I wanted a more modern feel to my house, and she said they had little modern furniture, since they stuck more with the traditional. I couldn’t believe the salesperson was acting snobbish over my wanting a modern dining room and not traditional wood furniture. It seemed to me she would want a sale regardless of what kind of furniture I wanted. It took me two weeks to find the dining room furniture I wanted. I found a lovely metal dining table with a smoky glass insert, and four chairs that matched. It thrilled me with my find and glad that I didn’t cow down to the salesperson who tried to sell me on a wood table and chairs. I know I wouldn’t have been happy if I had bought it. Now, I am proud to show off my new dining table and chairs. Knowing I didn’t give in and purchase the wood table makes me proud. I have the dining room of my dreams, even if it has the feel of being in the sixties. I think it is elegant and fresh, and my dining room always looks new, instead of old.