I was a tad worried

I legitimately appreciate our kids, however they can legitimately drive me crazy sometimes. They appreciate to waste money, it seems like. Not only do they run around with no shoes on and put holes in all of their socks, they also ruin all of their shoes too! And if I’m not out buying them up-to-date shoes and up-to-date coats and hats because they lost theirs, then I’m trying to pay all of the bills at our house. Both of us are regularly getting legitimately high heating and air conditioner bills at our house, and I’m regularly trying to find energy savings tips anywhere I can. Nothing I do legitimately seems to help, though. Our oil furnace seems to run pretty much consistently during the Wintertime, however I try to put extra insulation around the windows and the doors. And even though the heating is pouring through the heating vents morning and night, our condo still seems to be on the cold side most of the time. When the temperature outside gets legitimately cold, our kids seem to have some kind of a concern with keeping the doors closed in the house, especially in the bedroom. It’s legitimately annoying when I’m constantly reminding them to close the door to keep the cold air out and then I get the heating bills and they are sizable. I hate the way they ignore me when I remind them about the heating bills. I think I’m going to beginning taking cuts of their allowances in order to help offset the heating costs. They’re not going to appreciate that!